Saturday, July 13, 2013

Northern Tools

     I headed out this morning on my usual Saturday errand and yard sale rounds when the phone rang.  My number three son got himself out on a jobsite with no way home and a sudden realization that he didn't want to work for free.  Well, who can blame him for walking off?  But, then, this is where my plans took a new direction.  

     Needless to say he was upset that he had to call his mother to come get him at his age, but, you do what you have to do.  He was displeased and telling me the route they took to get where they were going.  This route would take me through not one but two sketchy areas of the county.  I waited for him to take a breath and asked him where he was, not how he got there.  He told me and I just agreed to come get him.  

     I do not argue with angry people.  I do not follow directions from people who are only thinking about themselves.  I go my own way.  This mornings' drama just put a cherry on top of that statement.  It took him two hours to get to the job and two minutes to realize he was being used and two seconds for him to decide to walk off.  

     It took me forty minutes to get to where he was.  It took twenty minutes for him to recount the blow by blow of the drama.  It took him two seconds to realize I was not on a straight path home.  I put the car in park and he asked where we were.  I told him I had seen this new store on the way out and was going to go inside so MY day wasn't a total waste.  

Northern Industrial Tools    He was glad I stopped when we got inside and found another tool and appliance supply store.  I saw the sign for Northern Tool and Equipment.  They have a website at   This is not your same old Harbor Freight knockoff store.  I appreciate having new business open in this economy and having more than one store to shop.  I like having options to weigh when it comes to price and product.  

Wolverine Spencer Waterproof Hiker
Only $5999
     They have name brand tools and equipment.  The service was good.  I suppose some of that was because the store has only been open two weeks and they were glad to see us, too.  As far as the store goes, I was glad to see work wear.  I have been in a pickle when bleach spilled on me and I had to get to the next job, so I keep a change of clothes in the car, but my not.  Bug out bag aside, they do not keep a change in their trucks and when I mentioned the clothes, they were glad to hear it.  Their work boot selection was good and fair priced, we may have to take them for a test walk.  

     They offer a free catalog.  There are 80 locations mostly in the middle of the country and working their way into the south.  Their website is easy to navigate.  It is not cluttered with a lot of sassy photos or shocking fonts.  

Sunforce Solar Motion Light — 60 LED, Model# 82156
Sale $3999
     When I texted the location of the new store to son number two, he informed me this store also stocks tractors!  Well, that's the BIG end of the spectrum.  I do not need a tractor, but now I know where I can get one.   I did do a quick browse on their website for this review.  I found the products I saw in store and a sale and clearance tab.  I like a blinding LED solar light, but with motion detector?  Yes, this is on the list! There was a video how to install and use the light.  If you are saving for a wind turbine, check out these available under alternative energy.  THey have  two 400 watt models for $499.  
NPower Wind Turbine — 400 Watt, Marine Grade

This is NOT Harbor Freight and I am glad they came to town.  If there is not one in your town, check their web site, get a catalog and look into their shipping calculator, so you get a Complete picture of the cost of your online purchases.  

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