Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls

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Bear Grylls
     Last night, I saw the pilot episode to a new NBC program, Get out Alive With Bear Grylls.  I have read some of the reviews but, only after I watched the episode first.  I have to agree it is survival "lite".   The last team standing will go home with $500,000.  Last night, I would put my money on the computer geek and his dad.  Next week, with a new challenge, maybe the beauty queen.  

     I don't think we are going to see anyone drop from a cliff, I wouldn't want to.  We are not going to see back stabbing under handed power plays on the way to counsel.  I am glad of that.  Bear states he wants people to work together and as the sole judge in the competition, he will send home the team with the least chance of surviving on their own.  He stated very clearly when someone made a foolish judgement call, jumping into cold water in the only clothes he had, but he sent home the least helpful team who failed to do their assigned job with the welfare of the group in mind. 

     My eleven year old grand son watched and talked about it to his dad today, twice.  He learned the temperature he needed to bring urine to  BEFORE drinking it.  HE enjoyed watching twenty people saving their urine, mixing it with muddy water and drinking it!  But, on a real positive note, he came out of the bathroom this evening and said, my urine is too dark.  He picked up a bottle of water and headed out the door.  Thank you, Bear! 
     I have been preaching the dangers and symptoms of dehydration for years.  My mother ended up in the hospital for a week in September and has had a number of issues with her medication that confused her doctors for months on end.  I stated to her gastroenterologist that she had stopped drinking coffee to "cut back on her caffeine" and switched to Yellow soda.  She never drank water.  He went all nuts and got animated, for the first time, ever!  He explained to mom, she needed to drink two quarts of water a day to keep hydrated.  By limiting her water she was basically pumping sludge.  Her meds were constantly being changed because they weren't 'flowing'.  He told her at her age, she could drink two normal size cups of coffee and all juices, water and drinks count toward the two quarts but NO MORE MOUNTAIN DEW!  EVER!  She finally got the message.  

     As all other doctors were informed of his orders they all backed him up.  Her blood pressure is down, her cholesterol is coming down.  Her depression is lifting.  Her color is improved and all in the first month.
     Back to Bear Grylls' show:

     Bear Grylls will be the only judge as the competing teams face their challenges in the wild of New Zealand.  He has planned the challenges and provides the food and essential items needed.  After a day bushwhacking, Bear brought them fish eyes as a fast protein and gave them instructions for the next morning.  The shelter team was given tarps.  The food team had to retrieve a deer cached across a cold pool of water, and the obstacle team had to lead all across a  fast moving river.  After the teams wasted the deer, they ate beans and rice, and not much of it!  But, they were not left to starve.  This is not a cruel show, even though they have to 'turn in their knives"! 
      I liked it and will watch again.  My grandson will join me, he already staked out that hour of television for us to share.  Thank you, Bear.  Also he wants a tarp and some rope to play with tomorrow.  I have all that.  Thank you, Bear.  

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