Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boy Scout Manual
     I have a good copy of the Boy Scout Survival guide in the family library.  I am going to purchase another this week.  I have a Scout Shop not far down the road from me and honestly, I drive right past it several times a week.  By stopping in and purchasing my copy there, I am supporting troops that can not support themselves, financially.  These books are also available at Amazon, but, go to the source whenever possible and help a little kid get the badge he earned.

     I like to recommend Scout guides for several reasons.  I know you are able to read well and digest a lot of grown up information.  But, what about your kids?  What about your reluctant or late coming to the prep party relatives? Scout manuals give a lot of information backed up with drawings and pictures. It is an easy read for all grade levels and for children who can't read, there are pictures.  The 12th edition of the handbook is also available digitally for your phone or tablet.

Kidskills Woodworking
     If you do not have a Scout Shop in your close proximity, you can shop Scout online at:    You can find literature from their handbooks and survival guides to scout campfire stories.  They also have a line of clothing that will stand up to rough wear, craft kits, and outdoor gear.  If you don't know anything at all about survival, start with scouting.  If you do know a little something about surviving a night in the woods in a tent, try learning more with their survival guides that teach water filtration, fire building, animal skinning, and making shelter. also has kits like the first aid kit, the cookware kit the water filter kit, and more.  Even if you do not purchase from the scouts, you can look at a hiking mess kit and see what is in it and compare to what you have or need.  Just look at this first aid kit!  look how well organized it is and look at all the items.  Maybe you could use this as a visual guide to organize your own kit.

     My grandson just flips through the guide and asks, "Can we do this water filter?"  The answer is yes.  I try to contain my joy that he is interested in outdoor life, survival skills and doing things himself.   So, yes, we have sticks, cloth he can rip and tie into knots, lots of sand, and plenty of time.  SO, yeah, we can do that. 
     Having the guide with pictures of kids in it is encouraging to the little ones as well as the timid.  Seriously, if a kid can do it, a grown up can.  Andddddd, don't be all sexixt and crazy about girls and boys.  Find a manual, do some woodcraft, learn to filter water, if you prefer pictures of girls camping and surviving, Girl Scouts also camp in the woods!  However, I personally feel the Girl Scouts spend too much time NOT filtering their water or gathering their own food as they did in the past, so maybe you want a vintage scout book to inspire your girl to get woodsy! 


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