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Turning Simple Items into Super Prep Items

     If you can find more than two uses outside the suggested use for an item, you are on your way to turning it into a Super Prep Item.  

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     Recently, I have posted several pages suggesting multiple uses for items that are often considered trash.  I think the coup de gras was the suggestion that discarded pop bottles could make you a floating home.  I saw that one on the Christopher Lowell Show years ago when he featured the floating island and its creator.  It certainly was a new design and a new way of thinking.  
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   
.23043°N 86.737189°W
Spiral Island is the name of a floating artificial island built in Mexico by British artist Richart "Rishi" Sowa. It was destroyed 
by a hurricane in 2005; a replacement, Joyxee Island, has been open for tours since 2008.

     Talk about your thinking outside of the box!  The island is the ultimate
 encouragement to think just that way.  Let go of consumerism and waste making
 so as to make room for more disposable stuff in an endless cycle.  Look at the simple things in 
your life to see them for what they could be.  A two liter soda bottle could be a gas
mask.  A discarded wooden pallet could be an adirondack chair.  A milk crate could
be the hidden storage space you've been looking for under your box springs.

    Look at the simple things you throw away every day.  Today I used two 16 oz.
plastic bottles.  It was really hot and a tea and a water had to be had.  My grandson
had a can of rootbeer.  There was a styrofoam tray under the pork chops.  The 
neighbors put out their recycle this morning.  There were enough bottles on my street
to make a small boat.  I was thinking, it's time to hold back on tossing my plastic
bottles in the recycle bin.  I am going to need mini greenhouses to start some new 
garden plants, soon.  I can use the tray as a paint palette.  The aluminum cans
is scrap aluminum to use as flashing for a soda bottle skylight in the shed.

     You can turn a simple item like a safety into a super prep item when you discover
that a pin can make an impromptu compass pin, a fishing hook, a zipper tab pull, jewelry,
a bandage pin, Extra security pinning a backpack closed, a wardrobe malfunction solution, 
a diaper pin.  Suddenly a simple item is a super item.  Pack more.  

     Today I am posting a list of websites you might like to touch base with to help
you see not only what you can so with your trash, but with any discarded items
you may come across.
a solar oven

created at: 03/28/2013

2000+ Uses
This super item does more than beautify your hands. 
Learn how to use it for repairs, sewing and more.

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