Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Force Multipliers Under the Sink 
     Yesterday, I mentioned MacGuyver and his many made up on the run gadgets, explosives and general force multipliers from household items.  I specifically mentioned the hairspray flamethrower.  Then I went off to sleep and shot up wide awake several times. 
      One time I was alone in my house, if a woman can be alone with kids.  They were sleeping and as the only adult, I felt alone.  I remember grabbing the wasp and hornet spray from the top poison cabinet, in case that shadow came closer.
Self defense handbook
      One time I was being followed to my car in a parking lot when I laced my keys through my fingers, made a fist and turned right around unexpectedly and headed right back into the light at top speed.  He jumped out of my way!  

      One time I was camping in the woods and I woke up to the sound of animal grunting outside the tent.  I rolled over, grabbed the disposable 35mm camera and shot a couple flash photos into the dark.  Two things happened.  One, the hog took off running.  And, two, when I developed the film there was a fuzzy picture of a ham on the hoof, so I knew it was a pig.  

     Any one of these situations could have been handled with a handgun, shotgun or AR.  I had none of those on hand at the time.  Still, I am a force to be reckoned with, especially when I multiply myself with whatever weapon was on hand at the time.  Wasp and hornet spray in the face of an attacker can change the direction and outcome of the attack.  Turning on a potential attacker and taking the fight to him was a surprise tactic that worked.  I was also prepared to take out his eyes and leave them in the parking lot.  Really, the thing with the pig, well, I was sleepy, the camera was there and it also was a surprise a pig didn't like.  

Unless you have a couple of these in your arsenal,     

OR a couple of these: 
Then get familiar with these: 

and get some of this knowledge: 

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