Thursday, August 1, 2013

Is it REALLY Worth It?

       Is the time and trouble you go through to save a penny, really worth it?

     This weekend, August 2nd, 3rd and 4th is the tax free back to school weekend in Florida.  For these three days, all school supplies and things that could be used in education, as well as clothes are sold without sales tax.  

      But, is it worth it to run out to the shops with the crowds to save 6 cents to seven cents  (depending on the county) on the dollar?  There is no right or wrong answer.  

    For me, I need a pair of shoes for a wedding later this month.  I shop early hours and I know what I am looking for. Still, I will go online and pre-shop to be sure of the style and the right price at the right store.  I will go to that store, be their first customer and move on with my day.  That's it.  I am shopping for something I will wear once, it will be on sale and it will be tax free.  Lucky me.
    As far as school supplies are concerned, I got the list of the grandson's classroom needs and we have half the stuff leftover from an incredible sale at Office Depot last year.  The other things I can pick up at the grocery store or dollar store over the next two weeks.  There is no rush and it is not worth it to me to go to any store this weekend just to save about a dollar and a half.  It makes much more sense to wait until the Office Depot sale and save many dollars on the entire purchase.  Also, you can get a free backpack with a $10 purchase.  Give each of your children fifteen dollars, a lot of vocal instruction in how to read a list, get the items and pay for them, and a free backpack for coming!  cool deal!  

    An example of my  math is....this week, two pocket folders are not on sale, I can get them for three for a dollar.  I need six. That makes them two dollars, and they are in the superstore where the moms go with their crying babies, at nap time!  Next week, they will be ten cents each at Office Depot.  I will get ten for a dollar and pay the six cents tax. $1.06 or $2?  That's my math.  It just isn't worth the stress to shop the tax free days for back to school for me.

    I have been shopping for my grandson over the summer.  I got two pairs of shoes in his 'style' for thirty two dollars last week.  They are not on sale this weekend.  They are forty dollars this weekend.
    Tablets, computers and laptops up to a certain price ($750) are eligible for the tax free sale.  That's great if you can find them on sale, too.  It's worth the time to do some online research and make a plan.  

Do your research, make your list, and the savings worth the hassle?  Do you enjoy a crowded shop? 

I don't have a passel of kids at home anymore, so I can't coach young parents.  I just know for MY needs, it is not worth six cents to shop this weekend.  

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