Friday, August 9, 2013

Thrift Store Prep Clothing

I shop yard sales and thrift stores.  I like the deep discount and I especially enjoy the 'kill' when I find pieces that still have the price tag on them.  Today I was at my favorite hunting sone, a thrift store that benefits Viet Nam Veterans (some).  Now, don't get all excited, they also make a profit for the owner which I balance in my mind with the thought that they employ a lot of people and pay better than minimum wage to start.  With that said, it is a thrift store.  The pricing is fair, they have weekly sales with deeper discounts on certain colored tags. 
     I was looking through the ladies' shirts when I came across a large section of black brown and olive drab polo and t shirts.  THis particular store does not waste time color coordinating the racks so It struck me not only a bit odd, but also fortuitous.  I have camouflage clothing.  I have regular BDUs.  I have a couple sets of Real Tree pattern hunting clothes, and NOT a SINGLE pink cammo anything!  But, this section of shirts got me thinking.

     I often post my opinion on the benefits of layering clothing.  A black t shirt or an olive drab t shirt makes sense when building layers.  I looked through the entire rack of tops in my size and purchased three tank tops, two t shirts and three polo shirts in black, brown, and olive drab for $16 including tax and two of the shirts had the price tags still hanging on them.  Now, I have more complete outfits for the woods or for the time I want to blend with the woods.  My lucky break got me thinking about all the clothes I have packed for future use.  

     Today was my day off, I had nothing booked so I stopped by and helped a son mow a yard, I sprayed chemicals for the weeds, mowed most of the front yard and when I got home, I pulled weeds and chopped a pineapple out of the garden.   Tomorrow, I am going to the hardware store and buy lumber for a shelf building project and I am going to the storage unit to sort out some supplies for a project I have going.  It's a busy day and a fun life.  My clothes have to keep up.  Thrift store shopping stretches the dollar to cover the cost of clothing.  

     Often I have seen whole sets of BDUs, whole sets of khakis and eve wet suits and other specialty gear.  It pays to go to all the shops in your area and learn the types of clothing as well as the quality of them and their pricing.  I have three stores I can count on to have what I am looking for when I want it and have the money in the budget.  I can also count on them to have a few surprise items I didn't look for but found I needed!  

     Get out and shop your second hand stores and see what savings you can find.  My best tip for clothes shopping applies to new and used.  Examine each piece as if a crime were committed in them!  Look for stitching, wear and colorfastness.   Never pay for something you will not use or will get little use of.  A missing button does not count as a deal breaker, but a broken zipper is.  However, a tear in a pair of BDU pants, is an invitation to make a pair of ghilli pants.  

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