Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sky Lighting
     A skylight offers light without draining power from the grid.  Once the initial cost of adjusting the roof is absorbed, the light is free.  You have a window for observation, for escape or to view the weather and it's changes.  This project is simple enough to do yourself.  The parts are available at most hardware stores.  
Solar 7-1/2-in x 27-in x 51-in Impact Skylight

     This one is available through Lowes for around $110.
     Tubular skylights offer a reflective tube that amplifies the light without increasing the heat coming into the home.  The last thing I want is to add heat to a house in the summer.  The tubular skylight website has before pictures and after showing the bright light from the sun.  

     I am so thinking skylight in the bathroom to start.  I don't turn on the switch at night, I know where everything is and what I am doing in there!  But in the morning, I need light to get myself going.  I thought why not sunlight?  That is where I am going to start.  

     I have also thought lately, that the window coverings I use to keep prying eyes out, has made my home dark.  Even though I use smart light bulbs and fluorescent light, it isn't very bright in here.  It can be depressing.  Then, I thought, well, yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real illness.  It is often called winter blues.  The treatment is exposure to light.  How great is that?  The sun is right there, even in the cold, but with a skylight you don't have to sit in the chill to get the benefit of the sun.  Yuppers!, I am getting to work on a skylight project.  

     I will save even more money on electricity from not flipping on lights during the day.  I will feel better without roasting in the sun.  I could have another way out of the house in an emergency that will put me at the advantage of being on the roof.  I have some research to do.  Until then, here are some links to other examples of skylighting.
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