Friday, August 23, 2013

Wedding Day

Today is the day my eldest is marrying forever. I am very happy for both of them.  They fit each other well, and it is about time they made it official!  Still, there is the 'her family' and our family.  Because the event is being hosted by her family, we travelled several states away from home to be part of the celebration.  We are meeting a lot of new people for the first time.  It's not a prepper's favorite situation.

     They know my son and some of his background.  They know he is former marine and combat trained and experienced.  They know he preps, but don't completely understand because he didn't tell them and , we don't recruit.  It isn't a cult and we are not trying to increase our numbers by advertising.  WE are more than just preppers.  We can crack a joke, eat barbecue, and carry on a conversation without mentioning gun laws, off grid living, global pandemic or politics. 

     Still, because we are the outsiders, we are being questioned politely by well meaning family.  It is an exercise in self control.  We answer warmly and with good spirit, but stop short of mentioning the lifestyle of stocking and storing supplies against hard times.  The food here is great!  ( you could store enough food for a village in the wasted space in the shed)Yes, I have seen the pond, it's lovely(are the fish edible? is it spring fed?).  No, it was no trouble getting here! (there is a get home  bag in the trunk, and don't ask about the self defense weapons, I am sure we have none, and what is the law in this state on concealed?)  These are very nice generous and well meaning people on the whole.  But it is a family affair and we are not family yet, so, it is an exercise in not oversharing.

      I will be taking lots of pictures for the family who couldn't make it here today.  so, busy, busy!

Blog you back in a few days. 

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