Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Into the Wild Season Finale (review)

Bear-Grylls.jpg     I watched Bear Grylls' Into the Wild Season Finale Monday night and waited until Wednesday to post this.  If you didn't watch it, but mean to, SPOILER alert!  

     Lucky and Louie walked out of the wild with half a million dollars as their prize.  They also walked out of the wild knowing Bear Grylls said he wanted someone like them if his children were ever stranded to be there for them.  That was a huge compliment.  I have trouble trusting people in my grandchildren's  lives to get them across the street, let alone keep them alive after a disaster!  Needless to say, I have trust issues.

      I have glanced at some of the boards and other blogs and a lot of people didn't think Bear chose well.  I disagree.  He said on the first show, he wasn't looking for the strongest, the most manipulative, the fastest or the thrill seekers.  He was looking for team players, people who would watch out for others, add to the conversation but not pull rank or attitude.  He was looking for the team who tried the most to master their fear and stay positive.  Disagree or not, it was his decision and his show.  I was watching to learn tips and techniques.  

     I don't think I will ever need to cross a gorge since we only have the one here in Florida, but I now see how it is done.  I learned a few things I did not know and those things sparked conversations that lead to other info I did not have.  In my opinion, a good program does not hand over a pat fixed ending.  It provokes thought and conversation and teaches you some things you did not already know.

It isn't always the strength but strength of spirit that wins the day.

The cryer at the back of the line, the one who holds up the team till they are 'settled', these are not the survivors of wilderness crossings.  I have never been that girly girl who screams when someone shows them a worm or cries when people are watching, so I can see why these people left the challenge when they did. 

The team player who sees the bottom of the cliff and repels into it anyway, against the noises in their head is the hero, not the one who says look at me look how brave I am, I got down first, I am ahead of all of you!  

The survivor is the one able to learn from mistakes and adapt as they face whatever comes their way.  

Sometimes the race is won by the one who doesn't finish first, but finishes well.  

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