Monday, August 26, 2013

Things to do with Newspaper, beside read it!

     Things to do with...Has been a popular series.  I have a few more ideas and a few more things to reuse.  Today, it's newspaper.  Before I start making my list I truly suggest you read the paper!  And, as a side note, there are a couple of places you should not use newsprint.  Left in a barrel or storage box, newsprint can rub off onto porcelain.  Do not use printed paper as a pressing cloth when ironing.  There are sources for unprinted paper (moving companies) for these uses.

Unfold newspapers to be reused.  Remove glossy sale papers (they are not good for the garden) and recycle them.  Stack the sections flat till needed.  

Use sections of newspaper to make paper logs for winter fuel.
Use sections, at least four pages thick to line the garden as a weed cloth.  
Use entire sections to line soil to make a pad that grass and weeds won't grow through under pools or ponds.
Use sections of paper as attic insulation until needed for other projects. 

Use ripped strips of newsprint for pet cage lining.
Use ripped strips for paper mache.
Use ripped strips for making more paper.
Use ripped strips of paper for packing, storing and shipping.
Use ripped strips as a growing medium for worms.

Cross cut shredded paper from your document shredder makes confetti, packing material, paper mache, paper pulp for paper, and pet lining for burrowing rodent like pets.
How to Make a Worm Compost 
Use as compost.

Use newsprint as a wallpaper. 
Use newsprint to fill large cracks and drywall mud over it.
Use newsprint for making beads.(this is a good use for those color ads)
Use newsprint for scrapbooking.
Use paper as gift wrap.
Use paper table covering while crating.
Use paper when making auto repairs to absorb oil and as a grease shield. 
Use paper to make patterns.  

Crumple and use to fill in leather shoes to keep their shape and to remove odors.

jltfk: An easy way to copy your favourite clothes/ copy patterns

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