Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easy Peezy Faraday Cage for Electronics 
     I saw this first, on the television and did some internet look up to validate the design.  Yup!  It works, so, guess who went through the storage unit, called her mom and asked for her old file box, and now has two?  Me!  And, now, you. 
Take an unused metal file box or ammo can.
Line the inside of the or with styrofoam or foam core board or newspaper stack
Place electronics inside.
Close and seal with aluminum tape.  
Attach a copper ground wire to both the box and a copper stake. 

     You may acquire your metal box by consolidating your ammo or by moving your older files to a plastic water tight file box.  Or, if you are lucky like I am, you can use what you have or ask your mom if you can have that dusty old box and put it to good use. 
     Some people line their boxes with stacks or pads of newsprint.  Some, who are crafty or have some pattern cutting skills, line theirs with styrofoam. or card board or foam core poster board.  Any non-conductive material will do.  It's job is to keep the electronics from touching the metal shell.  

     I am interested in preserving digital photos and photo reading devices, digital books and an e reader, and the solar charger and batteries to operate them.  I have a library of books I am assembling and this will be a good place to store them and protect them.
     When the library is complete, I can seal the box but, until that time, I still want to make sure the box closes tight and it is grounded.  I plan to tape a copper wire around the base of the box and, leaving a tail I will wrap the excess around a copper pipe and insert one end of it into the ground.  This may be over kill as far as some of the instructions I have read do not mention a grounding wire.  Don't care!  Mine will be grounded.  More is more.  

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Carol Hardy said...

I learned a good way to test the
cage you build.
Turn on a transistor radio,
Place it in your cage,
Close the lid.
If you loose your signal,
IT Works!!