Friday, August 9, 2013

Best Laid Plans


      I had a plan to go to work, finish by one then sneak off for a little thrift store browsing and maybe hop over to Northern Tools to pick up a few prep items.  I planned to go all by myself and enjoy the quiet time, contemplating the budget, the items, the use for them.  Buttttt   No!  The best laid plans of mice and men and housekeepers who prep for disasters both real and imagined, just didn't work out. 

     A few  minutes before I arrived at work, I recieved a text from the homeowner warning me there was a lot of extra work today as the kids' camp clothes arrived and well, the smell and the mess.  Then as I got it all in a pile and planned to leave around two, I got that freaking out phone call from my sister sitting on the side of the road needing a licensed driver to get her home since she was pulled over and found she had a suspended license for a red light ticket.  Plans change.  Plans change rapidly.  

    I really felt for her, for a minute, till I remembered she wasn't going to community college right down the road, but doing postgraduate work at the university I like to call the selfish universe city of central Florida.  There are more than 40,000 students enrolled.  That's the population of a good sized city and they all live in the universe where everyone else should know where they are driving and get out of the way.  It's crazy there!   But, she's family and the best spin I could put on this was, it will be practice for the time when I may have to drive like an Indy 500 racer to save my own life.  

     That thought lasted about a minute.  I had to drive home, in a rush to pick up a second driver (a son with a license) to bring my car home, then drive to selfish universe city to pick her up and all the way back to her house with her in the car bellyaching about the unfair traffic stop.  Four gallons of gas shot to hell! 

     I amused myself by thinking, this guy in the green sport car weaving in and out of traffic, yeah, he doesn't survive TEOTWAWKI.  That guy on the hot rod wheelchair on the sidewalk, I'd stop and ask his MOS then maybe pick him up to man the rear gun.  That woman with the phone attached to her head, no.  The girls walking in the street half dressed flipping off the car who honked his horn, nope, not survivors.  Then she said something that required a response.  I hope I didn't volunteer for anything important when I nodded and agreed!
SO, I never got where I wanted to go, but a good deed done is a good seed sown.   I know that doesn't rhyme, but my grandmother claimed her mother said it often.  The thrift store will be there tomorrow, prepping is a lifestyle not a shopping hobby.  And, plans are like New Years' resolutions.  They last as long as the will to keep them going.  Annnd, well, I survived the drive, I am a good sister, and now I can prove it!  The Oscar Meyer wienermobile was on the road today and I didn't turn around and chase it for a whistle!  

Prep ya, later!

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