Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top Ten Overlooked Prep Items

     A lot of discussion occurred in my family over the issue of toilet paper.  Each person announced their opinion with the certainty of their own name.  Will stock, won over the will use water and a cloth or the leaf theorists.  Once that was settled, the debate flared up over do you store with the roll in or out?  and if it is out, do you vacuum seal or just press it down into a plastic box and bungee cord the lid on?  It was amazing to me the time and steam devoted to toilet paper! 

     Recently, I was going through a list of prep supplies and realized, there are some items even I have overlooked.  Now, don't get all excited, I am not going to talk weapons and ammo. I am not the expert and this isn't about that.  I have NOT overlooked that issue!  I am talking about the day to day prep items that we use in daily life and just for some reason, don't prep them.

      For example, I am a hairbrush snob.  I have long hair that knots up in the back under certain weather conditions.  I found the absolutely perfect brush that works without ripping out my hair.  It was called the Flair brush by AVON.  Note: I used the phrase was called!  After years of happy use and regularly replacing the brush through my local rep, the powers that run Avon, "new and improved" it.  I held on to my last real flair brush until it broke in half and the bristles fell out.  I looked for another brush that worked as well.

     I have since found a product I like and cost less now than those brushes cost back then (the 70s).  I bought six of them.  I have one in my car, one in my bedroom and four are packed away for posterity.  It doesn't seem like a big deal until you have , no brush for your long stringy knotted up hair, then it's important.  Isn't that the motto of preppers everywhere?  It is better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.

     This is my list of top overlooked items preppers could reconsider.

Brushes and combs
Shoe inserts
mess kits and/or eating utensils
can openers (stock more than one)
measuring cups and spoons for home use and work uses
nails and screws and the nuts and the nuts and bolts needed to fix things
Mason jar lids and bands-even if you have a gross of jars and a gross of lids and bands, what about next year?   Stock more lids.
Eyewear and protective eyewear.  If you wear contacts get a pair of glasses too.
ear protection-
power tool back up batteries and backup batteries and backup batteries
a spare pair-spare pair of glasses, spare pair of hearing aids, spare pair of binoculars, pants. socks. shoes, boots.....Two is one, one is none.

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