Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicken Wire, paige wire, tomato cages and coat hangers

Of course, you can use chicken wire to build a chicken coop or to fence in your garden against rabbits, but there are a few other uses and reasons to stock more than the chickens need.

Make a basket.

Use as a form as metal lath to stucco a wall.  Hay bail construction is easier to spread stucco over when you line the hay with chicken wire.
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Use chicken wire as a form to build a scarecrow on.(or a ghostly figure for halloween, or as a decoy when dressed in old clothes) 

Create tomato cages from chicken wire forms.

Speaking of tomato cages, here are some clever ones: 
Make a bottle tree for garden decor or for drying those canning jars in the sun.

Grow vine vegetables like cucumbers and squash in containers using tomato cages 

Coat hangers:

Fabricating CB antennas - Ham Radio

Bubble wands
Wreath forms
audio antenna
Shoe hangers
marshmallow & hot dog  roasting sticks

Add a circle of bridal tulle, a freezer pop net, or fish net or an old stocking and its a minnow net!
Cut open one end, bend it and fish out those socks behind the dryer!
Cut the hanger to make hooks, S hooks, and key rings, to organize work shops, craft tables and other supplies. 
Save some hangers for hard times, some dry cleaners abroad have switched to's only a matter of time before the movement arrives on our shores.