Tuesday, July 23, 2013


     I like gadgets.  I have always been attracted to the "As Seen on TV"  commercial barkers.  It's like having a thirty second carnival, sometimes there are even clowns.  I remember the first Ron Popeil commercial barking the Ronco Pocket Fisherman and saving my babysitting money so I could send away for one.  

     My parents wouldn't let me send for it because nothing is as good as it seems.  That didn't matter to me.  One of the first things I purchased as a married woman was a Pocket Fisherman for my husband!  HE used it once or twice then just gave it to me to use.  I loved it!  I bought one of the original models at a yard sale last month for fifty cents.  I tried to give the man the two quarters and he just said take it.  SO, I did.  It works, and I like it.  

‎.  I like the pocket hose.  I went to my neighborhood
WalMart this weekend and they have replaced all their garden
department hoses with just a couple of these expandable hoses.
     I have told everyone I know not to buy any gadget without checking with me first, because I have already tested it or I know someone who has it.  There are about thirty percent of the gadgets I have 'tested' that were fair to failing.  But, most of them work.  You just have to watch the ad carefully.  Check how large the item is against the hand of the person displaying it.  Many people have an idea of what an item looks like but then they receive something that is smaller than they thought.  Look for these items online either at their website or at the As Seen on TV store. 
Super Grip Jar Opener - As Seen On Tv

     Some stores have devoted shelf space just for gadgets as seen on TV.  Walgreens and Dollar General, for example.  And, you know I am NOT saying you should have one of every gadget.  I am relating, if there is a tool for every job and it works, you may find it and your mom might call it a useless gadget.  My mom used to give me grief for having these round rubber discs in my silverware drawer.  They are jar openers.  They are also handy and she uses them now, too.  They are a strength magnifier.  You can make one from non-skid kitchen shelf liner.  They are also available in plastic and pretty colors, vintage metal, gripper, twister and pop off models. 

     In the kitchen, the gadgets are more vintage.  You have probably seen the post for my newspaper burning Barbecue grill and maybe the butter churn and  the antique irons.  But, I also have a good set of bean crocks, that work in the oven, or fire place (on the side of the fire).  I have a glass butter fat separator that separates fat from milk solids.  Clarified butter stores at room temperature for months.  SO, some of my gadgets get a job done that makes it handy for living without the creature comforts of full on refrigerated storage.   Some of these vintage items have been redesigned to fit a modern kitchen, but they are just different in design, not nature.  They get a job done.   This one (above) separates gravy drippings from fat after straining it.  That's two jobs in one gadget!  THAT makes it a TOOL!!  Love it!

     You would think, no one has room in their compact car for a garden hose and sprayer, two fishing rods, a carpet cleaner, two vacuums, a tool bag with every light bulb for every socket in the car, and all the trappings of an entire housekeeping business and still be able to see out of the back window.  Well, I can.  Thanks to gadgets, vacuums that break down into three parts, a few organizing baskets from the as seen on TV catalog, a tool bag that expands, a shoe organizer NOT hung in a closet but in between two baskets as an organizer of small things that like to roll around and get lost,and some organizational skills, I can still see out of the rear window!  Did I mention a Bug out bag back there?  No?  Well, you should assume!  


     Moral to today's post?  Gadgets be GOOD!  get some to make your life efficient now, get some to make it survivable, later!

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