Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ammonia, another super prep item

     Ammonia is another super prep item.  With it's many uses, ammonia is another item that serves many purposes and may be hard to come by in a crunched economy.  And, no. and I mean NO, to the son who will suggest I pee.....yeah, no, I am not cleaning windows with THAT!  it is not the same, son!
Regular cleaning ammonia is 5 - 10% ammonia and the rest water.  Industrial ammonia is about 25% ammonia.  The stronger the concentration of ammonia, the more corrosive and the more dangerous to use without a gas mask.  caution must be taken at all times.  Never mix with bleach.  Do not breathe vapors.

household ammonia      First, if you have stored enough concentrated ammonia purchased from a cleaning supply store, you can make your own sudsing ammonia for cleaning.  Fill a new unused cleaning spray bottle with about 15-20 ounces of water.  Add a third of a cup of ammonia to the water(not the other way round, to avoid splashing or breathing vapors as you fill the bottle).  Add one short squirt or about half a teaspoon of dish washing liquid.  Place spray to on, make sure it is set to the off position and rock it back and forth to mix.  Vigorous shaking not required.  Mark the bottle with a permanent marker to read:  Sudsing Ammonia Do Not Mix with Bleach.

     In the garden, use ammonia on cucumbers to give them a boost of nitrogen.  Dilute a quarter cup of household ammonia in one gallon of water.  Be careful not to spray ammonia undiluted onto anything, ever and wash cukes before eating.  

mark all containers WELL and never
 mix with chlorine
     Ammonia is a mildew remover.  On wicker furniture, use two tbs  to one gallon water.  use a squirter bottle to get into those crevices and rinse well, then air dry.

     Stains on concrete, use one cup ammonia to one gallon water.  Brush on and rinse.  

     Keep animals out of the trash by spraying cans with half strength ammonia and water.  Or, use a household strength ammonia cleaner on the outside of the bags as you take them out each night.  

     If you can't reach the wasp and hornet spray, grab the household strength ammonia and use the spray to shoo them away from you, then soak the nest. Later when they are all gone, knock down the nest and clean the place it was attached to with more ammonia cleaner.  

It's just ammonia in aa applicator
     For mosquito stings to stop the itching, use one drop or two directly on the bite.  Do not apply to a bite that has been scratched open....It will burn like nobody's business!  

     Remove wax build up in the corner of floors with a strong solution of ammonia.  Let it sit for a few minutes then wipe with a scrubbing sponge.  

     Clean gold and silver jewelry by soaking in a solution of 1/2 cup ammonia in 1/2 cup water for 10 minutes, wipe with a soft cloth and air dry.  Never use ammonia on pearls or jewelry containing pearls.

     Clean brass and silver items with a soft brush dipped in ammonia.  Wipe with soft cloth. 

     Grease stains can be pre-treated with a solution of half and half ammonia and water before washing.  Soak greasy spot, rub in, let sit and wash.  

     For a load of greasy work clothes, add a cup of ammonia to the washer and use the pre-soak cycle.  

Used with caution, ammonia is the go to cleaner.  Store lots.




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