Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things to do with Bubble Wrap

     I like to find ways to use things for more than one purpose or job.  Things that do other things increase their value, in my opinion.  I will then store or stock more of that material as it will be needed for more than one purpose.  Today, I share with you: Bubble Wrap!

     The average window has an R value of less than one.  By adding a single layer of bubble wrap to the glass, you can increase the insulation value to a bit more than 2.  you will need a spray bottle with water, an exacto knife and a roll of bubble wrap.  Spray a window glass with water and apply the wrap bubble side against the glass.  Cut the wrap to fit with the knife.  Quickly you have double insulated your window and it will last the winter.  

     If you have ever used Visqueen to insulate a window, and half the folks in Florida either have or know someone who has, bubble wrap is the way to go.  You can substitute bubble wrap for Visqueen.

     As an insulator, you can apply bubble wrap to the interior of a box to store supplies.  You can also wrap items in it separately to help protect against the cold while in storage.  

    I was once given a bottle insulator made of rip stop nylon fabric and bubble wrap.  A long sleeve was sewn twice the length of a water bottle.  It was folded in half with a layer of bubble wrap inside and sewn shut.  It had a drawstring at the top.  A frozen bottle of water placed inside the sleeve and left in the car at all sorts of hellish temperatures was cold to drink through the day and had a bit of chill left in it even the next morning.  This site offers a how to and keeps the insulation separate from the cloth cover.

     Use bubble wrap to line the crisper drawer in the fridge, no more bruised tomatoes!

     Line the inside of plant pots before adding soil to grow those winter herbs inside on the window sill.  

     Wrap the out side of plant pots with bubble wrap allowing the wrap to extend a few inches above the lip of the pot to insulate against a winter frost.  

     Line a plain clear vase with bubble wrap, add water and a few drops of food coloring, place flowers in vase and set where the vase can catch the light.

     Bubble wrap comes in colors.  The clear wrap can be painted while on windows to decorate the room.  

     TIP:  the flat side of the bubble wrap goes toward the outside of your project.  The bubbly uneven side goes against the window glass, the item to be insulated, the item being packed, the veggies being cushioned.

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