Thursday, June 13, 2013

Duct Tape, stock PLENTY !
     Originally developed by a company owned by Johnson and Johnson, duct tape was a rubber based adhesive applied to duck cloth and was used to seal ammunition cases.  It is a pressure sensitive tape now backed with polyethylene,  a variation of which is heat sensitive tape used to seal heating and air conditioning ducts.  So, call it Duct tape or Duck tape, it is a super prep item. When you think you have enough, you will find another use for it and need more.  

     Duct tape leaves sticky residue behind when removed so, knowing how to clean up or realizing duct tape is a done deal, pick your battle.  I found a compound bow for sale at a yard sale for $5 that had been poorly wrapped with camouflage patterned duct tape.  I passed it up.  My choice was cover the bow again with a better wrapping or take the time, take it all off, scrape it as clean as I could then remove the adhesive residue with WD-40 or GooGone, an orange oil based cleaner.

     Use Duct Tape as a remedy for sewing problems...Hem a pair of pants or a skirt.....use the tape to remove lint from clothes...Mend a bath mat or fraying carpet, tape the canvas back, cut away the frays....make the inside of a hat fit better with a couple layers of tape inside the rim...

     As a patch, you can use it on a pool, inflatable toys, hoses both in the garden and an emergency heater hose to get to the parts store, Tape up a vacuum cleaner hose, patch a reinforce a grommet worn out on a shower curtain, reinforce a book binding, make a temporary roof shingle to patch a leak till you can get a shingle in place, patch a tent, canoe, sleeping bag, whatever has a puncture or small tear.....including you!  You can use a bit of duct tape for a cut, just fold some paper towel or tissue over the bloody part and tape it down. 

     Use Duct tape as Fly Paper, cut a few strips and hang at the top of a tent or from the rafters to catch flying insects.

     If you need to get out a splinter, apply duct tape and press it to secure the end jutting out, make sure you pull in the right direction!
      My sons have used duct ape for almost all of the above and I have seen the painter mend shoes, and make a belt on the job site.  The duct taped shoes ended up screwed to a couple of buckets to make a pair of stilts.  A year later, they still work!  The belt was an emergency job and was cast off.  The former Marine is ready to bandage you and tape a couple of poles together to make a travois.  Number three's son would rather have a roll of duct tape and a couple of PVC pipe scraps  than play with his Wii!  He turned in a sculpture of a dragon for his last school project that was duct tape, PVC pipe scraps and red spray paint.  He got an A.  The youngest is ready to tape his kids to a wall  BUT DON"T !!  it's illegal or at least immoral. 

     Make loads of other things by using duct tape to create the fabric.  Lay out strips of tape and apply another to the sticky side of it.  For wider pieces, lay tape sticky side up, overlay another piece on top of it until you have the length and width you need, then go back and place another layer on top sticky side down.  

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