Saturday, June 29, 2013

Under Bed Storage Box and Helping Others
     I have been looking around for a project that will teach the grandchildren to use the dead space in their rooms for smart storage.  The little ones are using that space now to hide out when they play the "You have to find me before you can bathe me" game!   

     I think this project is a simple, inexpensive yet impressive project any ten year old with adult supervision could accomplish.  When I go to Lowe's to purchase the wood, I will arrive with a list of wood and the lengths I need.  

     I will pull straight pieces from the stacks of their supplies then take it all to the cutting area and have the major cuts done in store.  After the first three cuts, they can charge .25 per cut, if they feel like filling out a piece of paper for the cashier.  The trick at the store is to make sure all the ends that have the price stapled to them are all facing the same way before you get to checkout.  

     The covering doors are optional and the door pulls are just finger holes.  I happen to have a collection of casters I have obtained from yard sales over the last two years.   I have plenty of screws and power tools, so, I figure I can make up to three of these without any expense beyond the price of the wood and my time.
     With all the pieces measured out and pre-cut, my eleven year old grandson and I could get this project done in an afternoon.  There is no need top push on time.  One a day will not interfere with his summer activities.  Yup! this is a done deal.  

     I have also found these bed lifters done in wood that might be something I want to do myself later this year.  They look more sturdy than the plastic ones I am using now.  These are priced at $62.  But I am sure I can come up with a pattern and make them from scraps.

     The issue of storage has come to the top of my list again this week.  I spent a day giving care and support to an adult brain damaged daughter of a client who needed a day out.  We had a nice day coloring and playing in her room.  There were a lot of art supplies in there in boxes.  As we opened them 'like it was Christmas' we found a home for everything.  There were several art kits that had been purchased twice and other anomalies like crayons.  yikes!  We had to go the craft store! 

     It was a fun day, but, as I spent more time in the home, I saw how little storage space is available in a modest two bedroom two bathroom apartment.  The closets were a seventies design, very narrow with no built in shelving for shoes or bags.  The floor plan was as open as it could be.  With all the furniture against the walls around the 'great' room, there was no place for any extra storage of emergency supplies without stacking it in the middle!  
Not the exact plan, but found
it online and it is approximate.

     After my special friend was settled in bed, I just spent time looking around at the total lack of built in storage.  Next time I go to clean for her, we are going to have that talk about bed lifters and creating zones in the furniture arrangement.  These zones will allow for the addition of storage pieces.  
These pieces and others like them can create a 'wall' or room divider 
Pieces like these are just simple boxes that
with a bit of paint can make a room cheerful and
can store a year supply of food.  So simple
an eleven year old and his grandma can make it! 
     I know she is open to this conversation from her complaints about moving in to this new place a couple weeks ago. I also know she always had hurricane food and supplies in the old house and she is all about being ready for anything that could cause her daughter fear or panic.  

     Now that she and her daughter are settled in a smaller more affordable place, she is almost debt free.  I will offer all the help I can to get them better organized and ready to store her special needs supplies in this new home.  


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