Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christmas Is Always Coming!

     Yesterday, I posted my thoughts on putting a stop to whining and complaining by keeping kids busy this summer.  One of the things I remember saying to my own kids to encourage them to try a new craft or build a skill through a new project was to remind them that Christmas is always coming.

     We hear it from merchandisers all the time, in the form of Christmas shopping day countdowns.  Many newscasters try to crack the same joke the day after Christmas.  When they have shown video of the lines of people standing outside of stores trying to return unwanted gifts, they always say something like, "Well, folks, it's just 364 days left till Christmas!"

     When I buy something for someone in July, my family never questions the act.  They know I have often been finished my Christmas shopping by September.  Even if I am making Christmas gifts, I am not waiting for glue to dry on Christmas Eve.  I rarely even have any wrapping to do that late, either. 

     With limited income and children I truly love, to provide for, I could never afford to wait till the last minute and run out credit card shopping.   When I could not make an item I had to shop for a bargain.  Saving in a separate account and swooping down on a sale when I could sharpened my hunting instincts!  I can sit quietly in the woods for an entire day and wait for just the right time to move.  It's the same with a sale.  

     Anyone who is trying to simplify their life, spend less, store for the future, already knows how to pinch a penny and put some aside for unforeseen crisis. The fact that Christmas and birthdays are always coming is not an unforeseen expense.  It is a foreseen event that you can plan for and add in to your budget ahead of time.  If you take all the gifts you need for big holiday events and add in a gift for each person (mainly the young) for their birthday, you can assign a number to the value of the gift and average it out over a year.  It is easier to see it coming, plan for it and spend wisely within a budget than to let it go, act all surprised the week before Christmas then go melt down a credit card in a store already picked over.
toddler christmas crafts
     For those of you looking for ideas for things to make, or things your children can make to keep them busy, I will be posting more of that.  The fact that the year is half over and summer is here just means, you are about six months behind prepping for the winter holidays!  You can use this excuse when the kids ask, "why all the craft projects?"  Well, kids, Christmas is always coming and since we have nothing to do all summer long, let's get a head start! 

     I am adding a new page titled gifts for the prepper.  Some items will be re-posts  some will be lists and some will be whole craft ideas with instructions.  Most of these items will be very low budget, fairly easy and if not downright cute, then truly useful.  

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