Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the way to the bank, treasure!

     I have been yard sale-ing for years.  For a long time, it was my best way to provide some extra things for my home that I could not afford at retail prices.  Sometimes, it put money back into my pocket.  When I was able to purchase clothes with the price tag still on them, I could either buy my sons more of the things they needed or bank the money for the time they grew to the next size.  

     You never know what is going to be put out on a table in a driveway and you never know when you are going to find a treasure you weren't looking for.  I tried to keep a running list of shoes sizes and clothing sizes  for the kids in a little notebook in my purse.  As they grew up and grew into their own homes, those lists were replaced with lists of things they could use or I needed to maintain or improve our homes.    

     The first time I bought a power tool on the word of the homeowner without testing it by plugging it in was the last time I bought anything electric on the word of the homeowner.  Most people are honest, but I was taken advantage of by one who wasn't and that never happened again.  There is no shame in trying on a shoe (if you are wearing clean socks), and no shame in asking if you can plug in a power tool or other electric appliance.  There is also no shame in walking away from a deal that is too good to be true.  

     This weekend, I went out to the bank on Saturday and noticed a sign to a sale on the way.  Work First, Play Later!  I went to the bank, and picked up a padlock and some duct tape at Lowe's.  But, on the way home, I had a mental list of all the signs I had passed and I made it home eventually.  I managed to pick up two solid iron antique irons, two aluminum cupcake pans (mini cupcakes), a children's book on languages of Europe, a mint in the box edition of The Hobbit, three sets of ladies thermal underwear with tags still on, two sets without, a lovely crystal serving dish I will give stacked with cookies as a gift, a portable hunting blind and a cup of fresh lemonade from a Girl Scout and I didn't spend twenty dollars.  I spent $17.50.  

     I spent about one extra gallon of gas on this yard sale trip since I veered off my path home chasing the signs posted on the main road to the actual sale.  There were several yards I just drove past.  Sometimes, I am in the market for baby clothes or baby items, but rarely in pink!  So, I drive by and on to the next sign.  This weekend I did not use my web locator site because I did not have time to shop too many sales.  I had other things to do; a movie with family, an errand for a neighbor who couldn't get out of her house, lunch with mother, and even some 'me' time.  

      I am always in the market for an antique I can use at the camp side and the irons make great door stops.  They are prep items that hide in plain site.  I know someone who will appreciate a gift box edition of The Hobbit and the portable blind I bought as a pattern to make more.  The thermal underwear are my idea of pajamas in the winter.  All these Items appealed to my eye and then to my wallet.  

     Preparing for hard times is a habit for me now.  Once the bug for treasure hunting bites you, it will serve you well, too.  Check out some yard sale tip sites.  Be yourself and hunt like the deal is the deer and the money is the bullet!  You only need one well placed shot to bring down the big game!  

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