Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things you can do with a Document/Binder Clip

Office Depot Brand Small Binder Clips
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     I have document clips that are the size of my smallest fingernail and as large a my fist.  I have found the 'large' size general use document clip to be the most useful.  That doesn't stop me from using the tiny ones and it won't make me throw out a perfectly good big clip, I'm just saying, the office supply store offers bags of clips in large size for actually clipping documents.  The photo at the right shows Office Depot offering a 36 pack of clips at about 11 cents each.  The Depot also offers the same clips by the gross for about half the cost per clip.  I bought a gross and I haven't opened the last eight boxes, though I have used clips and gifted clips for almost three years.  YOU decide if YOU need a gross of binder clips!

Uses for binder/document clips:

Bind documents.
Sub-sort papers in files.
Color code document clips with tape.

Contain all those cords under the desk by clipping them and then clip them up out of the way.

Lace a phone cord through a clip then attach it to the edge of the desk.  Lace  USB cords through other clips and attach next to the phone cord, do the same with the USB printer cable and you will have all the ends attached to the desk, ready to use, and a place to keep them when not plugged in to the PC or laptop.  

Clip together packets of soups and gravy packets in the cabinet.  
Clip gravy to gravy, sauce to sauce and soup to soup.  Once clipped, they stand up better and don't crawl all over the shelf.
Clip chips and snack bags closed.

Clip the end of toothpaste tubes, to get out the last bit.
Clip belts to a hanger.
Clip scarves to a hanger.
Clip boots to hangers.
Attach the clip end to a hanger, fold metal handles down, then attach necklaces or bracelets to them to organize jewelry.

When sewing or altering clothes:
use the clips to keep pattern pieces together,
use clips as straight pins, 
use clips to hold the instructions open for easy reference.
Use clips as clothes pins.

For knitters or crocheters, put the yarn in your bag or an oatmeal canister.  Lace the yarn through the clip handle and attach clip to the canister to keep feeding yarn evenly.  
When knitting, binder clip the ends of your work to the working needle it doesn't unravel before you can get back to finish.
Bag up your beads, patches, and appliques and hang them where you can see them and use them.

For safety, clip those curtain or blind cords out of the reach of small children.

Use clips to hold open cook books, as bookmarks, or to hold instructions when hands are gooey or gluey!

Clip plants to stakes.

Use clips to secure a table cloth on a windy day. 
Use clips to make temporary shelter, a couple uprights, a tarp and some clips.
Use clips as temporary camp fixes.

Clip a bamboo beach mat to a wire or cord in front of windows, behind the curtains to keep out the light.

Place documents in zippered storage bags and clip out of the way.  This will keep documents handy but nearby, even in the chicken coop!  

And, YES, there are artsy craftsy things to do with them, too, but....THIS is just too much fun!  This sort of thing will NOT ensure your survival in a crunch, but it makes me happy.

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