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Prep gifts for the Bath

     It has been a habit of mine to extract essential oils from flowers for perfumes and body oils.  I love to gather the flowers from my garden or a neighbor's and come up with oils that rival any Parisian perfumery.   I got the idea originally from a ladies magazine in the seventies.  I would like to give credit to Woman's Day or Family Circle, but, I do not recall which one it was though I am pretty sure it had to be one of those.  I know for a fact, it was Women's Day that published an article around the same time on Cheryl Tiegs who stated a person my height should weigh 110 pounds and I remember tossing that rag like a rag,thinking, yeah, Cheryl, if I had an arm or leg removed!  I was 5' 7" and 145 and just had my fourth child.  So, my memory is pretty vivid but not photographic.  

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Turn and Fragrant Flower into an Essential Oil

This one uses the grain alcohol method
Easy peezy
How to Make Essential Oil
This one uses olive oil and the sun 
     Back to essential oils.  Any oil from any flower can be extracted as you would make a cooking flavoring extract.  Take the scent source, cover it in vodka, seal tightly.  Keep it in a cool dark place, shake it every couple of days, wait a couple of weeks then remove the lid, strain and allow alcohol to evaporate.  TAADAAH!!  You have captured the scent.  There are other methods and other instructions at these locations with pictures.  Some of them are just miniature stills that allow for the complete separation of liquid from oil, I am not so in need of absolute oil to make scented soaps, or other gifts.  Still, if you want to do it right or get into the business, look in to these websites credited below the pictures for more instructions.

     If you trust your source to be made locally or from a reputable company (that does not make scents in lead pots, for example)  you can buy these oils in small amounts.  Don't worry that .05 ounces doesn't sound like much, a few drops go a long way!

     Gifts !
     When you shop bulk, buy a large amount of extra virgin olive oil.  Purchase a large container of Baby oil, unscented and some small containers. 

Massage oils:  Scent plus olive oil in jar.  Done! 

     Scented Bath Salts.  One part Baking Soda
                                  Nine parts Epsom Salt
                                  Drops of fragrance to                                                         achieve desired scent, add a few drops food coloring if desired.  Label and tie a ribbon on it.  
Product Details

Salt Scrubs:  Lavender: (drops to achieve desired scent ) stirred into course grain sea salt.  Label and ribbon.

Lemon thyme salt scrub: add to ten drops of lemon oil,  a little lemon zest, 
                                    1/4  tsp. Thyme and 4 ounces of sea salt.

Citrus scrub:  In a 4 ounce jar pour two thirds full with sugar, and cover with your lemon or orange or lime oil extracted with the olive oil in the sun method.  Fill to the top with sugar, seal, label and ribbon.  

Scrubs should be made on the way out the door and labeled to keep in fridge for cool refreshing scrub for two weeks.  

Sachets: Cut a few (a dozen) pieces of fabric 3" by 7".  Fold in half.  Stitch along three sides, turn inside out.  Stuff with cotton balls.  Drop in a few drops of essential oil.  Add more cotton balls.  Turn in the top raw edges of fabric "pillow"  and stitch shut.  Place in zippered storage bag until needed.  Give in sets of four or six, tied with a bow.  Tag with a label " scented sachet for lingerie" .  
Variation:  Collect small vintage handkerchiefs   Place scented cotton in the center, gather tight;y above the cotton making a little pouch.  tie with a silk ribbon.  This is a sachet and when the scent is gone, a handkerchief.     


Gather wood shavings, dried leaves and dried fruit slices.  

Dried fruit has a scent, add dried eucalyptus to complement it.
Shavings or wood curls can be scented in a bag with oils, it just takes a few hours to soak into the wood.  Still, the longer you keep it sealed, the longer it will last, until you want to use it or give it as a gift.  Pot potpourri can be given as a sealed bag in a pretty basket, or in a pouch or sachet.

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