Monday, June 3, 2013

Things to do with a Zippered storage bag 
Photo of Plastic Zip Lock Bags
     Zippered storage bags come in different sizes, all the way down to 1" x 2", then up again to the size that will hold a couple of sleeping bags.  But, just for fun tonight, I am going to list a few more uses for zippered bags in many sizes.  

     Sure, we all know we can make a first aid kit, or a makeup bag with the stuff rattling around in the bottom of the average hand bag, but, maybe you hadn't thought of some of these.

     Those large bags will hold basketballs, and other sporting goods.  Fill the bags and hang them from the garage rafters.

     Gather all the gear for a sport in one bag i.e. place the shin guards, stockings, shoes and the soccer ball in one bag.  Put the hoop and basketball with the shoes in another.  Don't forget to put a sachet in each shoe to keep them fresh.

     Sachet: Put a couple of teaspoons of baking soda in the toe of an old sock.  Tie off the top and stuff it in the shoes to be stored.
     For home repair,to mend a damaged wall, put some drywall compound in a baggie.  Squeeze it to the corner of the bag.  Clip the corner and squeeze a bit into the crack or nail hole.

    Fill a bag with ice and use it to ice a knee.  To remove candle wax or gum, use the same trick.  A bag filled with ice rubbed over the gum or wax will make it hard enough to scrape it away.  

     Take a few bags with you into the garden.  Pick your vegetables right into the bags, bring them in and toss in the deep freezer.  

     Sort and pack those extra electronic cables in a bag.  
     A gallon bag will hold an 8 1/2" by 11" document, safe from the elements.
     Fill with air (like a balloon) and close to use them as shipping material.
     Use a recycled bag as a funnel. 
     Put a spoon full of soil in a bag and germinate seeds, especially the small ones.  It's easier to control the planting lines when you are transplanting seedlings than chasing carrot seeds!
     Organize socks, and other small items in the dresser.
     Organize the jewelry box.  Silver and gold shouldn't touch, anyway.

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